Hi everyone! As you may know my name is Marlene Ayala, Im from Sacramento California but i've been in Arizona all my life! I like to say i'm from California to sound cool to be completely honest! Anyways, let me start from the beginning.. Let's just say i followed my mother’s footsteps as she was also a hair stylist and salon owner, Given the opportunity in high school I was able to complete the cosmetology program where i soon found out my passion for makeup. At 18 I began freelancing and was offered to work in NYC for the IMTAS! I  worked as a stylist with DUH. After this opportunity it opened the doors for me as i was able to work with photographers, makeup artists, company's and brides! After some time I became a Sephora Beauty advisor and learned all about product knowledge & fell more in love with the beauty industry! After a few months I decided to leave Sephora to follow my love for makeup and became a full time makeup artist! After 3 years of doing makeup full time i am happy to say I've been able to work with amazing designers, actresses, singers, magazines, company's and have made life long besties! (Which i have to admit is the BEST part!). Now, let me stop talking about myself.. I want to get to know YOU! I am fully invested in making you feel the best you have ever felt no matter the occasion!  I'm so excited to work with you! 


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